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1.  Each session shall consist of three sets of play.

2. Each set shall consist of eight games.

3. Four games will be played on one side of the net, then rotate to the other side for four games.

4. We draw cards to assign partners and courts.

5. Those players drawing a Heart at the beginning of play carry the balls to the court.

6. At the end of three sets, return the balls to the court captain. 

7. If there are extra players, they will be assigned to play "server out" rotation; and, if time permits, each will serve two times. The court captain will designate the court to which a fill in player is assigned. 

8. Late comers to the session will wait until the end of a set to play the next set. They may fill in, if so directed by the court captain. 

9. All games are "no ad" and at a score of 40 to 40 the winning point will be played and served to the deuce court.

10. When a fault serve is out, avoid returning the ball. Catch the ball or send to the net or fence instead. 

11. The receiving side is responsible to verbally (out loud call balls in or out and to call faults. Hand signals are helpful. 

12. It is the responsibility of the server to call the score before each new point and each new game. 

13. Players make calls on their own side of the net. All balls are to be called as either "In" or "Out" loudly. Hand signals are good.

14. A ball touching any part of the line is considered in. 

15. A player is not to enlist the aid of a spectator in making a call. 

16. When a ball from an adjacent court enters the playing area, any player may call a let.

17. Be respectful to matches in play. Outside spectators should not be on the court. Do not enter another court where people or playing. 

18. Wait until the players on another court have completed a point before attempting to retrieve or return a ball.

19. Non-member guests will donate $5.00 for each visit. The $5.00 is remitted to the Treasurer or Court Captain. 

20. Leave the balls on the court during the match. After the last game, please return the balls to the court captain. 

21. If there is doubt as to whether a ball is in or out, you must give the opponent the benefit of the doubt. 

22. Foot faults are not allowed. If a player or their racket touches the net during a point, or if they reach over the net, that point goes to the opponent. 

Tennis Procedures

1. The court captain is in charge of operations on the day of play and will confirm the courts the day before play. 

2. Court captains oversees the distribution of cards for drawing after all the players assembled.

3. The clipboard is to remain on the sign-in table. All players are to sign in. If leaving, the player will inform the court captain and conspicuously mark off their name. 

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